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Ikal Del Mar


Ikal Del Mar  

Playa del Carmen, México | owner - Concept & operation

Ikal del Mar consisting of 29 stand alone palapa villas:

Travel & Leisure’s Cover featured in September 2002 said, “Ikal’s Spa is considered one of the best in Mexico by the World Travel Awards”. 

Ikal del Mar featured 29 stand alone palapa villas located in the Riviera Maya, the property opened in 2001 and was instantly casted as the leading hotel in the region.  The concept was unique and the service and experience was the trendsetter for luxury travel today.    It was sold in 2006 with an intake of 900,000 dollars per room, a number that established a new precedent in the Mexican Hotel Industry.



  • 28 villas with private pools and 1 presidential suite with private pool

  • Villas surrounded by lush green jungle

  • Holistic Spa and spa garden

  • Restaurant 

  • Adult Only property  

  • Beautiful expansive beach

  • 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen 


Challenges and Achievements: 

Seeking to overcome the typical hotel in an area that was quickly growing with many room nights on a piece of land that was challenging the concept of private villas amidst the lush green jungle with private pools were created.    Villas were built to maximize the property and achieve a sense of privacy.  Ikal del Mar achieved the highest ADR of its time and was sought out by many venture capitalists until sold in 2006.   Today Ikal del Mar is fondly remembered as the pioneer of Luxury Hotels in the area. 



  • September 2002 Travel And Leisure Cover 

  • Featured at James Beard in 2004 


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