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What we do


Our passion sets us apart.

We love properties that have a story to tell and speak to all of the senses. We believe in taking care of every detail, respecting nature and creating hotels that fuse local culture with the highest international standards. Our management expertise allows us to provide warm and professional service, surpassing expectations and fostering the loyalty of clients.


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We create real investments that blend research with craft. We don’t settle for trends, because we are too caught up in the long run.

We never lose sight of the fact that our goal is to create compelling hotels that generate value for the owners. Our working method allows us to be professional and flexible, adapting to the client's needs to guarantee results.

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Our work revolves around making each property unique, because we know who our clients and guests are.

We design unique and one of a kind hotels that exceed expectations. Each property is crafted according to its specific surroundings and environment, generating a unique value proposition. But our work never ends there. We work with our clients throughout the whole process, as it should. From ideation to operation.

During the initial stages, we handle everything from project ideation, hiring and training, inauguration arrangements, press, and marketing. Throughout the whole operation stage, we ensure that all the details that make our hotels unique, stay consistent and exceptional




Hamak is an expert ally for hotel proprietors and future owners. We know how to raise the value of their property through the best practices in the hotel and business management industries. By successfully developing a concept and the unique potential of a property, our clients have the ability to sell it in a time frame of five to ten years, obtaining a significant return on their investment.



Whether it be a boutique hotel, a large capacity all-inclusive hotel, or a Business Class hotel, each hotel conceptualized by Hamak will seek to please all five senses. Our culture of service foresees our guests’ desires and seeks to provide a stay so memorable that they will return over and over again.



We supervise all aspects related to the operations of a hotel, including but not limited to: sales, management, accounting, reservations, acquisitions, planning, budgets and human resources. Besides taking care of the day-to-day operations, we also develop the marketing, sales and public relations areas.



Work hard and help others. We collaborate with an association that offers meals, help with homework and after school programs to underprivileged children in Cancún, many of whom are children of people who work in the hospitality industry. Our medium-term goal is to train workers and establish a School of Hospitality.