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Ikal Tulum

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Ikal Tulum

Tulum, México | Concept & Operation | Summer 2019

Ikal Tulum consisting of 42 Rooms

Opening XXX. Ikal Tulum is located in the most exclusive area of Tulum, near the arch of Sian Kaan, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mexican Caribbean.  Sian Kaan is a reserved eco-park that contains more than 1.2 million acres of estuaries, reefs, cenotes and wetlands. Tulum was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO but has also become Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula hottest spot.  The hotel has 42 rooms feature with private pools, beach front, and spa.



  • 42 rooms inside a Majestic House

  • Best Hotel in Tulum

  • Rooms with private pool

  • Beach Club

  • Iconic restaurant

  • Spa

  • Located in the most exclusive area of Tulum


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