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La Amada


La Amada

Playa Mujeres, México | Reconceptualization, Positioning & Operation

La Amada consisting of 215 residences

In 2016 Hamak was hired to reconceptualize and transform the common areas of a residential project called La Amada Residences in Playa Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico. La Amada has 215 residential units. This transformation included the expansion and operation of the beach club, a restaurant/bar, the construction of event areas, a residence lounge, Market Deli, the fitness Center, the Kids Club, a yoga/Pilates area, the lobby and the renovation of three pools, including 2 in terraces and their diverse common areas.

Hamak is tasked, with the operation and administration of a rental vacation program for this project.


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