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Playa del Carmen Beach Down Town

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Playa del Carmen Beach Down Town

Playa del Carmen, Mexico | Concept & Operation | Winter 2019  

Originally a small fishing town, Playa del Carmen began to generate further interest especially to a euro- chic niche searching for a substantial travel experience and atracted by the amazing quality of the beaches. The area’s spectacular strips of white sand are caressed by the stunning and wonderfully relaxing waves of the Caribbean Sea, and the water is clear enough to spot the diverse sea life. Playa is also a magical town with a certain bohemian charm rich in culture and history. 

Rescuing the original essence of Playa del Carmen, on the beautiful beach in the center of town arrives “Playa del Carmen Beach Down Town”. This hotel with 75 rooms and a Retro Vintage inspiration, brings back the “playfull” flavor of the early 2000’s. We are sure it will become the new icon of Playa del Carmen with its impresive roof garden.


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